Church Tax

Why pay Church Tax?

You help the Church…

Thanks to our members’ economic support, our Diocese can now - and henceforth – fulfil its tasks.

With everyone’s support for the Church Tax Scheme, the Diocese will be in a position to deal with the expenses we incur on a continuous basis. See below:

  • Maintenance of our churches and buildings
  • Salary for priests and other employees
  • Expenses for joint activities, for example, the Pastoral Centre, St Andreas library, Øm Manor and the publishing of our Catholic newspaper ‘Katolsk Orientering’
  • The launching of several new activities within the areas of communicating and preaching the faith
  • Helping, for example, people in need and Christians in missionary countries

… and you help your Parish

For every 1000 kroner you pay in Church Tax:

  • 600 kroner goes back to your Parish
  • 250 kroner goes to priests’ salaries
  • 150 kroner goes to the Diocese’s common activities, including property maintenance and daily operations.

(source: The Diocesan Website)

For further information about Church Tax, please go to the Diocesan Website: kirke-i- danmark/

Or download the Tax Registration file (in English):

Thank you for your support! (-: